Boys & Girls Club of San Fernando Valley

Resource Development Board

The Resource Development Board currently a group of 65 business leaders from throughout the city. This body serves as "helping hands” in the growth and expansion of the Boys & Girls Club of San Fernando Valley in its efforts to enhance the quality of life for youth through positive programs and services.


Support the Boys & Girls Club in preventing delinquency through programs and services which provide behavioral guidance and enhance the self-esteem of youth.


To assist in identifying and securing financial resources, that will aid in the continuous growth of programs and services to benefit families and youth served by the Boys & Girls Club.


Resource Development Board members do not assume any legal liability for administrative or the program operations of the Boys & Girls Club.


Each member determines the amount of time and support that they desire to provide.


To enhance the Boys & Girls Club’s visibility through marketing and public relations as a means to increase the Club's donor base and volunteer support.
Andy Alba
Gloria Pollack
Dr. Lazaro Alonso
Sergio Rascon
Martha Daiz Aszkenazy
Chris Richards
John J. G. Batiste
Carol Rowen
Cile Borman
Joel Rucker
Christine Brumbaugh Robert Winn
Andy M. Camacho
Terry York
Tom Fry
Shimony Yossi
Sharon K. Garrett
James Garrison
Art M. Gastelum
Jeffrey L. Glassman
Abel Gonzalez
Albert Gonzalez
John Ibarra
Ron Kramar
Herman Leavitt
Jack J. McGrath
Onnik Mehrabian
Dr. Accie Mitchell
Julian Montoya
Robert "Bobby" Moore
Judge Stella L. Owens-Murell
Richard Packard
Mike Padilla
Ronnie Pereira